Well, its time for me bid yall farewell. Its crazy to think that three years have already gone by. I started contributing to Plugged In shortly after I completed graduate school, and I hope that youve enjoyed the posts. Ive learned a lot from you, dear reader, and so many others who write and cover energy. And Ive had a blast sharing what I find interesting in the world of energy and humanity.

I cant say enough about what its been like sharing a corner of the Internet with Robynne, Scott, Sheril, Melissa, our guest bloggers over the years, and everyone at Scientific American. And a special thanks to Bora Zivkovic for making this blog network a reality and giving this engineer a platform on the web. Im gonna miss writing with you guys! I cant wait to see whats next for Plugged In.

As for me, Im leaving the green hills and breakfast tacos of Austin, TX for the Middle East. Im excited to get back to my roots as a research engineer and explore a new (to me) part of the world. Ill still be on Twitter (@davidwogan) and you can email me at david.m.wogan@gmail.com, so dont be a stranger.