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Drown your town: real life Austin, Texas edition


A couple of weeks ago I shared a project by Andrew David Thaler called Drown Your Town that used Google Earth to show what cities around the world would look like under water.

Well, we got a real life dose of that here in Austin, Texas last night. A massive storm system traveled along the I-35 corridor and dumped up to 11 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. Unfortunately, Austin does not have a flood control system like Tokyo (see "This massive underground complex protects Tokyo from floods").

Here are some pics from around town:

Is this what SRV is singing about in "Texas Flood"? Credit: Reagan Hackleman/

Credit: Reagan Hackleman/

Auditorium Shores, a popular park, is submerged by the Colorado River. Credit: Reagan Hackleman/

Auditorium Shores overflows its banks. Credit: Reagan Hackleman/

10th and Lamar, downtown Austin. Credit: Reagan Hackleman/

Thanks to Reagan Hackleman and the Austin Police Department for the photos.

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