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Diversity Correlates With Success: Gender and Synthetic Biology

Study of Gender Diversity in Prize-Winning iGEM Teams by Paris Bettencourt iGEM 2013

I’ve been at iGEM (an undergraduate engineering competition in synthetic biology) this weekend learning about all the amazing bioengineering projects that students from around the world have been building. I’ll be writing more about many of these projects soon, but I wanted to highlight the work of one team on issues of gender diversity in [...]

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Calling all iGEM teams!


It’s officially summer and that means around the world students are starting to design their synthetic biology projects for this year’s iGEM competition! This summer I’m working with a great group of students starting up UCLA’s first team and we’re excited to connect with other teams and learn about all the exciting things going on. [...]

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Glowing Futures

Ow et al. Science, 1986.

Back in 2010 I was a teaching fellow for a group of undergraduates competing in the International Genetically Engineered Machines competition (iGEM) with a project on “personalized” genetic engineering of plants. We designed genetic modifications that would alter flavor, color, vitamin production, and the presence of allergens, so that a gardener could customize seeds to [...]

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