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Scientific regress: When science goes backward

To celebrate the ends of years, decades and other milestones, science publications often churn out "Whither science?" predictions. Just last week, The New York Times Science Times section celebrated its, um, 32nd birthday with a special issue on "What’s next in science". What I found fascinating was the issue’s overall tone of caution rather than [...]

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A glimpse of a car-friendly urban future, courtesy of–no surprise–a car company

Standardarchitecture plan for Beijing

Visions of the future have long revolved around the automobile, from the ubiquitous flying car of sci-fi flicks such as The Fifth Element to the garbage-guzzling, Mr. Fusion–retrofitted DeLorean that Doc Brown pilots through time in Back to the Future. So a car company sponsoring a competition to dream up a vision of the future [...]

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Do Our Descendants Have the Right to Spy On Us?

Do our unborn descendants have a right to spy on our day-to-day activities? There’s little doubt they will look through our digital archive, minus some terrible technological disaster. How about watching us from weeds at the little corners of the street, from holes in the cement, from our eavestroughs? Jonathon Keats is at it again. [...]

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Urban Farm Versus the Apocalypse


Urban Farm on a Rainy Day © Jon Ellis (aka jonorobo). Click each image to see enlarged version on DeviantArt. Most concept art is obsessed with various forms of self-inflicted apocalypse.  If humanity has any hope to avert future catastrophes, that hope lays with designers, architects and engineers. I came across the Urban Farm concept art [...]

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Future of the Big Five


Will our desire to hunt remain after we’ve stripped the Earth of its megafauna? This concept art series-in-progress by Robert Chew focuses on the future of Africa’s Big Five – rhinoceras, cape buffalo, elephant, lion and leopard – and seems to suggest a future where the forms linger even if the animals in their natural [...]

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The Greatest Self-Portrait of All Time…so far


Back in 1991, fine artist Marc Quinn, (one of what’s now known as the Young British Artists) started the greatest self-portrait project of all time. Self (blood head) is a self portrait that has been cast and frozen, made out of 4.5 litres of Quinn’s own blood, reportedly extracted over a period of about 5 [...]

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