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Dog Spies

Dog Farts Blow Up Building


Well, not quite. But maybe they wrecked a few Dog Fart Suits. But did cow farts blow up a building in Germany? Or is that just an April Fools joke? Read here to find out. ~~~ Image: ‘I’m gassy and I know it‘ used with permission: Tyler Gildin and Elite Daily. References Motupalli P (2013) [...]

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Dog Spies

Well That Stinks! Reporters Blow Cow Farts Out Of Proportion


Apparently cows are terrorists too. Last month, journalists reported—in what can only be described as a “chicken-run” scenario of cows plotting their big escape—that a herd of dairy cows in central Germany caused an explosion in their housing facility. Police failed to thwart the plan, as the explosion seemed to be caused by flatulence. Yes, [...]

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Food Matters

Friday Happy Hour: An Introduction (American Lager)

The budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (click for source)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , over 50% of adults over the age of 18 had at least one alcoholic drink per month in 2010. Of course, many of those folks (myself included) drank much more than that, totaling $152 billion dollars in the US alone according to US Department [...]

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Starters: Fermenting With Finger Yeast

Nico and Charlie's first sourdough, by Wayne Marshall

My friend Wayne and his daughters Nico and Charlie recently made sourdough bread with homemade starters containing wild yeasts and bacteria. They started with just flour and water, capturing microbes from the air that start chewing up the flour, making the bubbles and flavors that give the bread its texture and its kick. I love [...]

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Seeing Bacteria


I got a really fun early Christmas gift yesterday, Moyasimon 1: Tales of Agriculture, a manga series about a boy who can see microbes. His skills lead to some exciting fermentation-related adventures at his agriculture college. I learned a lot about miso, sake, and meats that ferment underground! The microbes are super cute, and it [...]

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SciArt of the Day: Fermented Fashions


What happens when you take a bag of sweaty hockey gear and throw it in a vat of beer for a week? I’m not sure (although I’m sure this must have been tried before), but a researcher and an artist at the University of Western Australia are trying their own fermented fashion experiment. Using a [...]

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