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Calling all iGEM teams!

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It’s officially summer and that means around the world students are starting to design their synthetic biology projects for this year’s iGEM competition! This summer I’m working with a great group of students starting up UCLA’s first team and we’re excited to connect with other teams and learn about all the exciting things going on. Are you part of an iGEM team? Are you tweeting? Blogging about your progress? Post a comment and say hi! Share your links and I’ll add you to the growing list of current iGEM team twitter accounts:

Christina Agapakis About the Author: Christina Agapakis is a biological designer who blogs about biology, engineering, engineering biology, and biologically inspired engineering. Follow on Twitter @thisischristina.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.


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  1. 1. David Cummings 1:05 pm 07/7/2013

    Thanks for the list, Christina. Sounds like a great competition. I’ll be watching for updates.

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  2. 2. ManchesteriGEM 8:53 am 07/8/2013

    The link to our Twitter is broken! You can find us here

    We also have Facebook:

    Link to this
  3. 3. PurdueiGEM 11:05 am 07/8/2013

    We also have a Facebook, Google+, and a blog!




    And if you’re interested in supporting Purdue iGEM this year, please visit our Microryza crowd-funding project to donate today!

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  4. 4. iGEM_Brunswick 11:47 am 07/12/2013

    Hi! Thanks for linking to our twitter page. Unfortunately the name of our university is spelled wrong above. It should be “TU Braunschweig” not “TU Brunschweig”. Would be great if you can change that :) Thanks and best wishes from our team!

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  5. 5. georgiatechigem 11:15 am 07/15/2013

    hey! We are the Georgia Tech iGEM team! See our project description here!

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  6. 6. IITDelhi2014 12:32 am 07/4/2014

    Hey! We are the IIT Delhi 2014 team!!
    We have a facebook page

    And our blog

    Link to this

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