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Patent office extends green tech fast-tracking for another year

green,patent, USPTO

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced Wednesday that it is extending for another year its Green Technology Pilot Program to fast-track the evaluation of patent applications for "cleantech," including inventions related to environmental quality, energy conservation, development of renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction. The program, initiated in December 2009, will now [...]

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District court overturns patents on breast cancer genes

gene patent ruling decision breast cancer Myriad

Some 20 percent of the human genome is already patented. But a court ruled yesterday that one company does not have the rights to some of its patents on two genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2, commonly tested for mutations to determine risk for developing breast and ovarian cancers. The decision [pdf], made March 29 by United [...]

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Microsoft exits this year $290 million lighter, thanks to Word patent infringement ruling

MIcrosoft, i4i, patent, infringement

Patent lawsuits in the technology industry have become about as common as transistors these days. Still, when a tech company the size of Microsoft gets socked with a $290 million fine (as it did on Tuesday) and is forced to make changes to a flagship product like Word within a few months (or stop selling [...]

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Will fast-tracked “green” patents yield useful new technologies or the next generation of frivolous lawsuits?

patent, renewable, technology

Patent applications for so-called green technologies will be put on the approval fast track thanks to a new pilot program announced Monday by the U.S. Commerce Department’s Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This could mean patent approvals in a year rather than the standard 40-month wait time, giving inventors of alternative fuels, improved carbon capture [...]

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Octopus Chronicles

Scientists Move to Patent Octopus Robot


Scientists have spent years crafting a very special, creepy robot. One that can crawl over obstacles, swim through surf and grasp just about any object. To achieve all of these tasks, the robot needed to be unlike most other bots. It needed to be soft. In late 2011, a team of researchers in Italy had [...]

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