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Operation Sally Lightfoot: An effort to save a charismatic crab

caught crab sea of cortez stanford biology cruise gilly

Editor’s Note: William Gilly, a professor of cell and developmental biology and marine and organismal biology at Stanford University, is traveling with a group of students on board the Don José in the Sea of Cortez. They will monitor and track Humboldt squid and sperm whales in their watery habitats. This is the group’s sixth [...]

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Octopus Chronicles

Octopuses Feast On Florida’s Stone Crab Straight from Traps

octopus stone crab

Florida stone crabs (Menippe mercenaria) are known to diners for their sweet, meaty claws. And octopuses also seem to relish these delicacies. Reports are coming out of Florida that the stone crab fishery is way down this year—and many think local common octopuses (Octopus vulgaris) are to blame. The crabs are caught in traps, most [...]

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Crab Moves in Under Chrysler Building; Refuses to Budge


Japanese artist Aki Inomata created a series of 3D-printed hermit crab homes after learning that the land under the French Embassy in Tokyo changed from being French to being Japanese in 2009 and would subsequently change back in 2059. The exchange reminded her of a hermit crab changing its shell and so she set out [...]

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