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The deity by any other name: Army resilience program gets a thumbs down from atheists

Atheists The best thing about writing a story as a journalist is that you get to interact with astute readers who are never reticient about telling you what you missed in your reporting. My story, “The Neuroscience of True Grit,” the cover in the current issue, talks about what we know, and what we’re still [...]

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Plugged In

Photo Friday: Want to keep cool in the African desert? Try an ARMY-issued solar shade


On top of this solar shade at the sun-baked Camp Lemonier in Djibouti sit 72 solar panels that absorb sunlight to produce two kilowatts of power daily. Photo Credit: Photo by Rich Bartell, U.S. Army Africa Public Affairs (2011) and found using Creative Commons.

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A Delicate Army of Franken-Fairies


When tallying up a list of materials to use in assembling delicate fairy sculptures, bug parts might not be first on your average list. But for sculptor Cedric Laquieze, who is fascinated with organic materials and a natural aesthetic, they are the perfect choice. The resulting fairies and goddesses transcend the ick-factor for even the [...]

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