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The Ocelloid

Amoebae shelled and naked

Some amoebae build elaborate houses for themselves to live in. (top and side view of an Arcellinid) Some build their houses out of siliceous (glass) scales and peek out of them with thread-like pseudopods called filopodia. (optical sections of a Euglypha cristata from a soil sample) Some amoebae can be naked. (Saccamoeba(?) Note the wrinkly-bulby [...]

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The Ocelloid

Pond water microforay: amoebae gone wild

I have a confession to make — even though I work with ciliates at the moment, I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with amoebae. I love them to the point that I get offended whenever anyone within earshot insults them as ‘formless’ or ‘shapeless blobs’. Amoebae might be fairly squishy, but one cannot [...]

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