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Mystery Micrograph #03

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Mystery Micrograph revival time! Y’all failed the previous one, but fear not — there are plenty more to come! The subject of the last puzzle, shown below, is the surface of a testate amoeba — namely, the organic test of Arcella spp. The hint post provides a more general view of the cells. The elevated ‘ridges’ around the honeycomb are a combination of cement and small pores — too small to be resolved by light, but visible in the SEM in the middle of this ToLWeb page).

Now that that’s out of the way… time for a new one! I expect to hear more than just *crickets* this time (besides, crickets aren’t known for their protistological prowess). Tell me — who’s the vandal who made these holes in the fungal hyphae in this scanning electron micrograph?

Good luck! Scalebars included in the image. (Citation to follow upon solving.)

Psi Wavefunction About the Author: Psi Wavefunction is a graduate of the University of British Columbia working as a protist researcher (soon to be graduate student) at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and blogs about protists and evolution at The Ocelloid as well as at Skeptic Wonder. Follow on Twitter @Ocelloid.

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