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Food Matters

Fast Pace–Does Observing Ramadan Affect Athletic Performance?


Two significant religious events (although one has yet to officially be declared one) commenced over the past weekend–in addition to the second round of the World Cup starting, Ramadan, the Islamic holy month observed by fasting, also began. This is the first time the two have coincided since 1986, though other major sporting events have [...]

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Not bad science

Psychic Animals and Football-Playing Bees


Working in the field of animal behaviour means that around World Cup season it’s hard to avoid being sent links to so-called ‘psychic’ animals that predict the outcome of matches, such as Paul the octopus, Leon the porcupine and Anton the tamarin. However, while these animals may have made predictions useful to people placing bets [...]

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World Cup Prediction Mathematics Explained

Brazil vs. England in a "friendly" in Rio de Janeiro

The World Cup is back, and everyone’s got a pick for the winner. Gamblers have been predicting the outcome of sporting contests since the first foot race across the savannah, but in recent years a unique type of statistical analysis has taken over the prediction business. Everyone from Goldman Sachs to Bloomberg to Nate Silver’s [...]

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