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Astronomer Locates Previously Unseen Neighbor to the Sun


When NASA launched the WISE satellite in 2009, astronomers hoped it would be able to spot loads of cool, dim objects known as brown dwarfs. Bigger than a planet, a brown dwarf is not quite a star, either—it is too small to sustain the nuclear fusion reactions that turn hydrogen to helium. But it may [...]

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WISE satellite already spots two brown dwarfs

WISE brown dwarfs

MIAMI—A satellite launched by NASA in 2009 to map the sky in infrared wavelengths is beginning to deliver on one of its ancillary promises, the mission’s scientific leader said here at the semiannual meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Edward Wright, a University of California, Los Angeles, astronomer who serves as principal investigator for the [...]

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The Countdown

The Countdown, Episode 4: Cave-Dwelling Astronauts, Two-Star Solar System, Voyager on The Edge, Millions of Quasars, New Mars Mission

Story 5 Astronauts from five different space agencies are participating in the CAVES project, an underground training exercise beneath the island of Sardinia. Links: Astronauts Heading Deep Underground for Spaceflight Training Story 4 Scientists have discovered a two-star solar system orbited by two planets, an astronomical first. Links: Two Alien Planets Found with Twin Suns [...]

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