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How the World Can Fight Global Warming, No Matter What Happens in Lima


Imagine if the world’s two largest polluters unilaterally decide to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, the ubiquitous gas responsible for the bulk of global warming. At the same time, a major developing country admits that future growth will have to be balanced with CO2 pollution limits. Meanwhile, an industrialized nation country takes responsibility for the [...]

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More important than Copenhagen? U.S.-China deal on energy and climate


When the presidents of the two nations that are responsible for 40 percent of Earth’s climate-changing greenhouse gases sit down to talk, big things can happen. In the case of Barack Obama and Hu Jintao on Monday and Tuesday, that meant flatly stating that emission reduction targets should be set at an international negotiation on [...]

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Plugged In

Imagine There’s No Garbage. I Wonder If I Can.

In the U.S. we throw away about 70% more garbage per person than in Sweden.

In John Lennon’s iconic song “Imagine,” he paints a world without war, greed or hunger. I’d like to add garbage to his list. Yup, plain ol’ trash. It’s everywhere. It’s persistent, and as the name implies, it’s dirty. When scanning the globe to check out ways different countries address this problem, I pause at Sweden. [...]

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