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Extinction Countdown

Large ocean fish could be gone by 2050, study says

Tuna at the Tsukiji fish market in Japan

Overfishing large predators such as shark, tuna and cod in the past 40 years has left the oceans out of balance, and could result in the disappearance of these fishes by 2050, according to Villy Christensen of the University of British Columbia’s Fisheries Center. Christensen made this prediction at a panel, “2050: Will There Be [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Tuna fishing kills an albatross every 5 minutes

wandering albatross

Every time you open a can of tuna, an albatross dies. Okay, that’s not exactly true, but albatrosses and other seabirds are increasingly endangered by commercial tuna fishing, according to a new report from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and BirdLife International. The problem has gotten so bad that albatrosses are [...]

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Oceans Likened to World’s Biggest Failed State

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons Overfishing and pollution have pushed life in the high seas to the brink of collapse, according to a new report from the Global Ocean Commission. “The oceans are a failed state,” David Miliband, co-chair of the commission, told Reuters. The commission has implored governments to set a five-year deadline to deal with [...]

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