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But Seriously...

Annalee Newitz: Where did io9 get its name?

Annalee Newitz and Brian Malow

Today is Annalee Newitz‘s birthday (well, it’s still today in the most relevant time zone – uh, hers not mine). Annalee has been writing about the intersection of science and technology and culture for many years. It’s a busy intersection. Since 2008, she’s been editor-in-chief of one of my favorite websites, If you don’t [...]

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But Seriously...

Cats, Children, and the Box of the Future

Box of the Future

Children are quite a bit like cats. No matter how much you spend on gifts for them, inevitably it is the box – which had contained the gift – that seems to provide the most raucous and satisfying entertainment for them. Enter Exhibit A: And Exhibit B: It was a glorious Christmas. For Exhibit C, [...]

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The Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Is Amazing—It’s Also a Work in Progress

A couple days ago I found myself sitting in a digital cave with an enormous fire-eating hell-demon. Naturally, I was at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. I had just strapped a black box of brain-scrambling equipment to my face. I looked up and saw a cavern ceiling high above me. I peered over my shoulder [...]

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The Urban Scientist

#SXSW 2014 PanelPicker is open and I’m voting for Broader STEM Engagement


Source We Are Bit Yes, it’s that time of year again: PanelPicker for South By South West.  As always, the lineup for the Interactive events are crowdsourced. Some great social media mavens put some hard work into creating some awesome proposals, now they need your help to ring them to the main stage.  In the [...]

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