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Breath Test Could Sniff Out Infections in Minutes

breath test to detect lung infection

Bacteria hiding in the lungs might not be able to hide much longer. Although traditional tests can take days or weeks to culture to determine the presence of certain harmful bacteria—such as those that cause tuberculosis—a much more rapid technique for detecting lung infections might be on the horizon. Researchers have developed a test that [...]

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More EXPOSED: The Global Epidemic of TB

Mumbai Physician with his mHealth device to assist with drug compliance in TB patients

A few weeks back, I shared with you of the first episode of a series of videos about the persistent and rising problem of the global epidemic of TB. Since then, the three final episodes have been released. In February, I was in India with the International Reporting Project to look at Issues of Child [...]

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EXPOSED: The Global Epidemic of TB

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 6.07.06 PM

Unless you’ve been distanced from the news and the internet, you have heard that tuberculosis has become increasingly drug resistant and is resurging in many areas of the world and this is much more than a minor inconvenience. Kari Stoever, the Vice President of External Affairs at Aeras – a global nonprofit biotech advancing TB [...]

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India Trip to Examine Issues in Child Survival: How Science and Engineering Help

Back in October, I opened my email to find an interesting invitation for me to apply for a trip to India as part of a special International Reporting Project bloggers’ trip focusing on child survival and related issues of health and development. The trip described in full “The trip will focus on issues of child [...]

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Macrophages, Tuberculosis and Granulomas: A Video Tutorial

Granulomas containing macrophages (red and green) and other white blood cells (blue).

How much do you really know about Tuberculosis, otherwise commonly called TB? The University of Michigan Department of Engineering (friendly rival to my home U of Illinois) has put out a very accessible animated tutorial so you can learn more. Check it out: This video is included as a comprehensive article entitled “Peering into the [...]

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