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Neandertals Turned Eagle Talons into Jewelry 130,000 Years Ago

Eagle talons from Krapina, Croatia

As longtime readers may have noticed, I have an abiding interest in Neandertals. To help me keep up with the latest scientific insights into these mysterious relatives of ours, I have a Google alert set for “Neandertal” (and the alternate spelling, “Neanderthal”). I’m always excited to see the email notification that a new story about [...]

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Ancient Engraving Strengthens Case for Sophisticated Neandertals

Neandertal engraving in Gorham

One of the longest-running, most fervent debates in the history of human evolution research concerns the cognitive abilities of the Neandertals. Were they the slow-witted creatures of popular imagination or did an intellect like that of modern humans lurk behind that heavy brow? I think it’s safe to say that these days most paleoanthropologists have [...]

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