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Can Obama Sell the Nation on Health Care Reform?

As a journalist and a health advocate, I have a professional interest in health care reform. But as the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act this week, I had a personal interest as well. Last fall, after three decades as a salaried employee with health benefits, I became a self-employed consultant with none. And [...]

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-Prostitution Pledge Tied to Global AIDS Funding


The Supreme Court today struck down a federal requirement that forced private health organizations to denounce prostitution in order to get funding for programs aimed at preventing or treating HIV/AIDS. The decision marks a major victory for human rights and global health advocates who charged that the requirement was a U.S. government overreach that blocked [...]

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Medicaid Decision Could Further Fragment Health Care

West view of  the Supreme Court Building

If I had to sum up everything that is wrong with the US health care system in one-word sound bites, I would start with “fragmentation.” There are just too many ways for patients to fall through the cracks.* Last week’s ruling by the Supreme Court upholding the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) does [...]

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Care to Wager on the Supreme Court’s ACA Ruling?

Some people can’t wait for the U.S. Supreme Court announcement of its ruling on the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act (aka health care reform law), so they are betting on the outcome. Intrade, a popular online trading exchange, provides a platform for people to wager on whether or not future events will happen. More than [...]

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