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Anthropology in Practice

Observations: This Seat’s For You

New York City’s subway system provides a rich ethnographic field site. New Yorkers are so used to being alone together that they often let their guard down in unusual ways, conducting private affairs without much concern for the present company, who are all busy with the business of seeming occupied themselves. I’ve documented these sorts [...]

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Dog Spies

Man’s Best Friend? The Mysterious Role of Oxytocin Revealed


The World of Dog revolves around humans. If you’re a companion dog, who you socialize with, when you frolic in the park, and whether or not you procreate are often determined by someone with two legs. Even if you’re a feral or village dog — and can do pretty much what you want — you [...]

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NYPD Testing Airflow in Subways as a Precaution against Possible Terror Attacks

NYC subway station

This summer, New York City will witness what might be called an airborne non-toxic event, to corrupt a term coined in Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel White Noise. Over three days in July, the New York Police Department and scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y., will release small amounts of a harmless, colorless gas [...]

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Metrocard Mathematics: Are Unlimited Subway Passes a Good Deal?

Metrocards subway bike

Unlimited, or Pay-Per-Ride? That’s the question posed by the New York Times City Room blog this morning, as New Yorkers confront the great algebraic unknown of August: are unlimited subway passes still a good value even if you’re going out of town on vacation? Perhaps the author, reporter Clyde Haberman, has been reading too much [...]

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Is there any way to stop a subway bombing?


Killing commuters with bombs has to be one of the most cowardly (and dastardly) forms of terrorism. And that’s exactly what happened in Moscow earlier today, as suicide bombers from Chechnya detonated themselves as trains pulled into the Lubyanka and Park Kultury stations. The Russian capital’s subway system is one of the busiest in the [...]

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Plugged In

Who Needs Investment: Let’s Have an Infrastructure Film Festival

The television show “Revolution” is getting ready to start, with its plot based on the failure of the electrical grid. That’s nothing new, though — the most recent Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” and Spiderman movie, “The Amazing Spiderman,” came out this summer, each with significant events or  themes involving infrastructure systems. Half of the [...]

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