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Scientists Use 3-D Printer to Speed Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

stem cell

Every week, it seems, there’s a new breakthrough in 3-D printing that promises us the ability to (eventually) fabricate some new thing in one of those glass-walled wonder boxes. Such things have included everything from spare parts for the International Space Station above to the beef on our dinner plates to the organs inside our [...]

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Print It: 3-D Bio-Printing Makes Better Regenerative Implants

3-d bio-printing tissue scaffold cells

Desktop 3-D printers can already pump out a toy trinket, gear set or even parts to make another printer. Medical researchers are also taking advantage of this accelerating technology to expand their options for regenerative medicine. Brian Derby, of the School of Materials at the University of Manchester in England, details the advances and challenges [...]

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New stem cell processing promises faster, more reliable research

stem cells cultured on synthetic surface

Stem cells have been touted as potential antidotes to nearly everything ranging from blindness to paralysis, as well as valuable models on which to study disease. But in order for researchers to discover and refine new cell-based treatments, they need plenty of cellular subjects. When cultured correctly, both human embryonic (hES) and induced pluripotent stem [...]

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