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Master class with Albert Fert: the future of electronics #lnlm12

Skyrmion crystal observed by Lorentz transmission electron microscopy. Credit: {link url=""}Nature{/link}

“From a dream with atoms and spins and electrons dancing around, to a device that we use in our daily life” is how Albert Fert described the link between fundamental physics and its applications. His talk during the Tuesday morning session at Lindau focused on how fundamental research could be spun off into new electronic [...]

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The Higgs, Sterile Neutrinos and Spintronics: Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, Day 2

With excitement building about an announcement due tomorrow from scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider, today’s Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting talks kicked off with the Higgs, explored some mysterious anomalies with neutrinos and looked forward to some practical applications of spintronics coming soon in information and communication technologies. (You can read all our coverage [...]

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