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Compound Eye

How important are camera bodies?

Philip Ryan thinks Canon and Nikon should be worried: Sony has, once again, radically changed the world of DSLRs with its A77. Plus, it has done so without compromises in the shooting experience or in image quality. The A77 now reigns supreme over APS-C format DSLRs. Neither Canon’s EOS 7D nor Nikon’s D300s can match [...]

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Paging Dr. Watson: IBM to apply Jeopardy! victor’s analytic skills to medical diagnoses

Sony, Jeopardy, IBM, computer

The answer is: For its next assignment, this Jeopardy! champion will have to work on its bedside manner. If you replied, "What is Watson?" give yourself a round of applause. With last night’s big game show victory under its belt, IBM has its sights set on applying the high-performance computer’s advanced analytics capabilities to the [...]

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