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U.N. Health Talks Promise Global Action on Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer

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Palestine has grabbed the lion’s share of attention at the U.N. General Assembly meeting this week in New York, but the international organization is also tackling several other major issues, including climate change and health, that could have great long-term effect on the world’s population down the road. Earlier this week, the U.N. General Assembly [...]

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“Name-your-price” approach boosts charitable donations and corporate profits

person donating money will pay higher prices if they pay what they want, boosting profits

Recycled printer paper and fair-trade coffee might have higher prices at the register, but these feel-good products often fail to bring in big bucks for companies. But a new, counterintuitive approach could be quite profitable for corporations—and for good causes: Let consumers pay whatever price they want and give away half of the profits to [...]

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