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“Team Climate” Gets Sochi Athletes All Abuzz about Climate Change

Members of Team Climate pose with American Olympian Kyle Tress Credit: Courtesy Taylor Rees / Team Climate

This blog appears in the In-Depth Report Science at the Sochi Olympics Climate change poses a well-documented threat to ecosystems and human populations worldwide. But as the inexorable warming trend continues, it’s also endangering the future of winter sports. In a new report published in January by the University of Waterloo, researchers analyzed the suitability [...]

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The Physics of Figure Skating

This blog appears in the In-Depth Report Science at the Sochi Olympics Figure skating is one of the most popular sports in the winter Olympics. In this exclusive Scientific American video, contributing editor Christie Nicholson takes you inside the sport, to explore the physics behind a figure skater’s spectacular moves. Along the way, she discovers [...]

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What happens to cities after the Olympics are gone?

los angeles_385

What happens to Olympic host cities after the torch has gone out?

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Will The Lights Stay On In Sochi?


With the world focused on Sochi now that the Winter Olympic Games have begun, will the power stay on? Russia has engaged in 49 major energy projects since it won the bid to host the Olympics back in 2007. As National Geographic explains, these should boost Sochi’s capacity to generate electricity by 800 percent. Among [...]

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Rosetta Stones

Building Sochi’s Olympic Village: An Olympian Task in a Geologically Risky Area

A beautiful image of Sochi with a pink sky and red-roofed white buildings, one of the charming ponds, and the mountains in the distance. Not bad! Image by Stefan Krasowski, Flickr, under a CC BY 2.0 license.

This blog appears in the In-Depth Report Science at the Sochi Olympics So, Sochi! The Olympics are about to start, you’re going to see all sorts of shiny new buildings and ski slopes, and you’ll be so excited by the events you may not pause to consider how they got there. You may have spent [...]

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