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Snake Genome Suggests Treatments for Human Heart Disease

burmese python genome

NORMAN, Okla.—Snakes have been around for some 150 million years, but their ancient physiology might hold some important clues to developing new drugs. Aside from their sleek exteriors, snakes’ internal physiology is perhaps even more intriguing. "It’s a really fun model for studying the extremes of adaptation," Todd Castoe, a researcher at the University of [...]

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Snake vs. Croc in Real and Hyper-Real Versions


When illustrators embark upon a new illustration, hours of research and work go into constructing a scene that is believable, powerful, and informative. In 2009, when James Gurney was tasked with reconstructing Titanoboa, the largest snake that ever lived, his first priority was conveying the sheer size of a 48-foot long, 2500-lb. beast. Ultimately, he [...]

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The Incomplete Snake


Sometimes in my travels across the sciart spectrum, you see a work-in-progress so stunning, it has to be shared right away, even incomplete. Especially incomplete! That was the case when I saw this Rhadinea pulveriventris by Claudia Hahn. ____________ Portfolio @Claudia_Hahn on Twitter Tumblr And watch for upcoming guide book featuring the complete snake!

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