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Clouds Threaten Rare Chance to See Star “Wink” Over New York City

star chart for Regulus on March 20, 2014

Gloomy weather over New York could drown out a rare opportunity to see a bright star disappear from the sky very early tomorrow morning during what’s known as an “occultation.” The star Regulus, one of the brightest points in the constellation Leo, should appear to “wink out” for about 14 seconds when the asteroid (163) [...]

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See Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Tightest Night Sky Cluster until 2026

Three planets in alignment

Cicadas aren’t the only scientific rarity expected this month. At the end of May three planets will be visible to the naked eye in one small area of the sky. The planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will form “the tightest gathering of three naked-eye planets that the world will see until 2026,” according to the [...]

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Where to Watch the Transit of Venus

1882 Transit of Venus

Today offers a final opportunity for 21st century stargazers to observe a transit of Venus. For those of you who forgot to bring your telescope to work today, we’ve got a guide for viewing the transit both indoors and outside. DIY Viewing If the weather is cooperating and you’ve got your pinhole projector in hand, you [...]

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