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New E-Book Forever Young: The Science of Aging Investigates Longevity

Forever Young: The Science of Aging

An infant born in the U.S. today will probably live to see his or her 78th birthday, a 20- year-plus increase over the average lifespan a century ago. As living well into our 80s and 90s becomes more attainable, how many more years can humanity expect to gain going forward? The two main physiological barriers [...]

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1 in 5 Rx’s for Seniors Is Inappropriate

senior elderly prescription inappropriate

Take two of these—or should that be three? Or one? Congress recently took steps to improve the safety of children’s drugs. Now, a new study finds that those on the other end of the age spectrum also frequently receive medication that may put their health at risk. Approximately 20 percent of prescriptions that primary care [...]

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Background noise: Elderly drivers might have a brain region to blame for declining driving skills

seniors driving can have trouble seeing close objects moving because of brain

Debate about older adults’ driving skills often touches on obvious impairments, such as failing vision and heavy medication use. But a new study suggests a deeper neurological explanation for why seniors have a hard time spotting obvious objects on the road: They might actually just be better at perceiving large-scale movement in the background, an [...]

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To help prevent falls, the elderly should cut down on meds, increase vitamin D, new guidelines say

elderly man with walker to prevent falls

How many late-life declines can be traced back to a fall? Whether or not it involves a fractured hip or just a general shake-up, even a minor spill can precipitate a rapid loss of function and independence or even death in seniors. "Falls are one of the most common health problems experienced by older adults," [...]

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