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Food Matters

Coffee on the run

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Recently I’ve talked with several long distance runners —­­ think half-marathon or marathon — and have been surprised to hear how many down a mug of coffee before they race. After all, doesn’t coffee cause dehydration, something runners would like to avoid? A PLOS ONE study published in early January suggests the answer is no, [...]

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Guest Blog

Too Hot to Handle: The Dangers of Running in the Heat

Preface: I am a marine scientist by trade, however, I have run 4 marathons and I am in the midst of training for a half marathon/full marathon during a South Carolina summer. I might not be an expert in studying the physiology of heat related illnesses, but I have enough experience to make it count. [...]

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Some Barefoot Runners Tip Orthodoxy Back on Heels

barefoot running rear foot strike

Barefoot, five-finger, super-minimal, zero-drop. Whatever joggers embrace as the approach-du-jour for improving form, most of these trends stem from one physiological principal: people who grow up running sans footwear—the way our ancestors did for hundreds of thousands of years—run by landing on their fore- or mid-foot. A new study finds, however, that not all habitually [...]

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Ultra Marathons Might Be Ultra Bad for Your Heart

extreme endurance exercise heart

If getting some exercise is good for you and getting lots is even better, then hours upon hours of intense exercise must be best, right? Perhaps not. Many people feel obligated to hit the gym or the trail every now and then to help keep off the extra pounds. But people who run ultra marathons [...]

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Running barefoot is better, researchers find

running barefoot better than shoes

Mother Nature has outpaced science once again: the bare human foot is better for running than one cushioned by sneakers. What about those $125 high-tech running shoes with 648 custom combinations? Toss ‘em, according to a new study published online January 27 in the journal Nature (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group). "Most [...]

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