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Circadian clock without DNA–History and the power of metaphor

Last week, two intriguing and excellent articles appeared in the journal Nature, demonstrating that the transcription and translation of genes, or even the presence of DNA in the cell, are not necessary for the daily ("circadian") rhythms to occur (O’Neill & Reddy 2011, O’Neill et al., 2011). (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group.) [...]

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Mimicking red blood cells to improve drug delivery

synthetic red blood cells

Biomedical breakthroughs rarely outdo nature itself—despite our ever-increasing knowledge of new materials and processes. So that’s why one group working on drug dispersal is looking, not to novel delivery systems, but rather to replicate the natural dynamics of blood cells. By devising a flexible, biodegradable microparticle that looks and acts like a red blood cell, [...]

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