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Anthropology in Practice

Tracing the Trickle-down in Roman Recycling

Citizens of the Ancient World seem to have made a solid go at “going green.” Ongoing research by Harriet Foster and Caroline Jackson (2010) revealed hints of color deriving from previously blown glass in colorless glass, indicating that Romans often reused glass, adding batches of broken vessels into the raw material from which they fashioned [...]

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Plastic Bags: More Cities Get on the Banned-Wagon

512px plastic bags

Let’s face it: plastic bags are really handy. But as we know, they’re also terrible for the environment and for wildlife. They jam landfills, where they will not decompose for centuries, and they float across wide swaths of the seas. More than 90 percent of all birds recently examined in the North Sea had plastics [...]

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The Life Cycle of Your Reusable Trash

green arrows forming a triangle to suggest recycling and reusing materials

Check out this Earth Day video featuring LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Cofounder and Curator-in-Chief of the award-winning Reading Rainbow app and host of the original PBS series). From paper to plastics to metals, the video shows the journey of recycled materials from curbside to paper soup and plastic chips [...]

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Drunks and Gravediggers Wax Poetic about Climate Change

Craven_Arms_station 300x

Want to know what climate change really means to people? Emily Hinshelwood found out in a most unusual way. For days on end the Welsh poet and writer walked the 121-mile train route known as the Heart of Wales Line and asked every single person she met the same three questions: What images come to [...]

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Recycling Reality: Humans Set to Trash Most Elements on the Periodic Table


Almost all lead is recycled, among the only elements on the periodic table to earn that distinction. With good reason, mind you: the soft metal is a potent neurotoxic known to impact children’s brain development, among other nasty health effects. Today, nearly all lead is used in batteries (though it was once put into gasoline, [...]

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Can greener gadgets save us from e-waste?


One laptop per child seems a simple slogan, chock full of benefit. What could go wrong when you put the power of the Internet and solar cells into the hands of children in the developing world? After all, not only does it train the global underclass in the tools of modern production, it also unleashes [...]

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Plugged In

A socialist iPhone?

Yes, yes, yes, new iPhone, new IOS, new stuff, cheap, expensive, blah blah blah. Nobody needs to tell you that your phone is obsolete about an hour and a half after you buy it, and nobody needs to tell you that your old phones either build up in our house (I can put my hands [...]

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Putting the Illustrations Before the Text


We’re wrapping up the daily sciart posts today. We hope you’ve enjoyed them! Stay tuned tomorrow for a round-up of the month’s artists and images. Typically, illustrators are called in towards the end of a project. The text is largely written, and the author and/or art director have developed a clear idea of the illustration/s [...]

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