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John Conway Reminiscences about Dr. Matrix and Bourbaki

John H. Conway holds an advance copy of a forthcoming biography. (Photo: Colm Mulcahy)

Last week, life took me through Princeton, and I seized the opportunity to drop in to see resident English mathematician John Horton Conway. He was in particularly good form despite health issues that come with aging, and proudly showed me an advance copy of a forthcoming biography of his life by Siobhan Roberts. “Being the [...]

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Puzzling Prisoners Presented to Promote North America’s Only Museum of Math

Last Wednesday night I attended a “Math Encounters” program co-sponsored by the soon-to-open Museum of Math in New York City. In 2008, Glen Whitney, a mathematician and former hedge fund manager, was dismayed to learn that a small museum dedicated to math in Long Island was closing. He decided to start a math museum himself. [...]

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