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Neutrinos on Ice: Waiting to Fly

ANITA rolling out to the launchpad. (Katie Mulrey)

It’s another beautiful day in Antarctica, and the time has come to launch ANITA! Finding the right date is tricky. Many factors have to fall into place. In order to detect neutrinos and cosmic rays, we want to fly over the Eastern ice sheet in Antarctica. We detect these particles via their radio emission. The [...]

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Life, Unbounded

The Vortex

Northern polar view (NASA/Cassini)

This is simply too good to pass up, although it’s been doing the rounds online. As the seasons change on Saturn the north polar region is now getting its share of faint solar illumination. Cassini recently (very recently, as in Nov 27th) took this amazing image of the swirling atmospheric circulation at the northern pole [...]

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Flip-Flop Summer Caused by Strange Jet Stream


By now, if you live in the northeastern U.S. you have heard or even said the following:  “This summer has been so cool. I love it.” Or: “This summer has been so cool. I hate it.” Yet if you live in Oregon or Washington, you’ve heard the opposite: “It’s been so hot this year!” Maybe [...]

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A Polar Vortex in July? Not


Years ago on Saturday Night Live, Gilda Radner played a little old lady, Emily Litella, who came onto the Weekend Update news set to deliver an editorial about a burning issue of the day—only she didn’t quite have the correct terminology. She would begin to protest against “busting schoolchildren” when in fact the issue was [...]

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Nor’easter Bomb Hits East Coast, Thanks to a Rex Block—Huh?


Okay, it’s not the infamous polar vortex, but people living on the New England coast are about to get popped by a “Nor’easter bomb.” And it was set up five days ago by a “Rex block.” I’m not making that up. Last weekend weather forecasters were marveling wide-eyed about a potentially unheard-of storm caused by [...]

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Why the Moon Looks Different in Winter [Video]

As we steel ourselves against the cold and curse the polar vortex for bringing these bitter winds upon us, it’s helpful to remember that winter can also be a magical time of fluttering snowflakes and beautiful evening skies. This Minute Physics video explains how the earth’s tilted axis makes winter the best season for viewing [...]

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What Is This “Polar Vortex” That Is Freezing the U.S.?

vortex graphic

As I write these words, temperatures across half the U.S. are plummeting like a rock. Extreme lows are forecast by tonight: -32 degrees Fahrenheit in Fargo, N.D.; -21 degrees F in Madison, Wisc.; -15 degrees F in Chicago and Indianapolis, according to the National Weather Service. Wind chills will reach a bizarre 60 degrees below [...]

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