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Life, Unbounded

Oh Extravagant Planet!

Cumulonimbus clouds over the Gulf of Mexico 1984 (Shuttle image, NASA)

Sitting here in New York after a night of listening to the roar of hurricane Sandy I, along with everyone else here, am feeling a little bit worn. And I’m lucky, many people are still in the midst of dealing with a very real disaster in the city and the states up and down the [...]

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The Race to Catalogue Living Species before They Go Extinct


The U.S. has spent several billion dollars looking for life on other planets. Shouldn’t we spend at least that much finding and identifying life on Earth? That is the argument behind a taxonomy analysis by a trio of scientists in Science, published on January 25. They argue just $500 million to $1 billion a year [...]

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Plugged In

A New World on the Outside of a Raleigh Museum

In Raleigh, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has been building its Nature Research Center, a brand new extension to the museum focusing not just on science but on how science is done. It’s all awesome, and it opens today, April 20. You could talk all day about it — and, full disclosure, as [...]

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