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I Was a Teenage Element Hoarder

I knew I wasn’t like the other kids. Oh sure, I collected baseball cards and model airplanes, but not with the passion that I saved for my real obsession—collecting each and every element of the periodic table. This was just part of my chemical romance, which also involved (but was not limited to): watching phenolphthalein [...]

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Advert Informs that Dmitri Mendeleev Knew the Science of Perfect Vodka

Dmitri Mendeleev (Wikipedia)

I just viewed an advertisement released last month from Russian Standard Vodka that claims its product is ‘The Convergence of Science and Nature’. In just over three minutes, it tells us the story of Mendeleev and a few other tidbits of science fact to convince us this is so, along with impressive visuals. This cinematographically [...]

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Putting the Illustrations Before the Text


We’re wrapping up the daily sciart posts today. We hope you’ve enjoyed them! Stay tuned tomorrow for a round-up of the month’s artists and images. Typically, illustrators are called in towards the end of a project. The text is largely written, and the author and/or art director have developed a clear idea of the illustration/s [...]

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