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Life, Unbounded

Want to Go to the Stars? First You Must Stand With Science

Want to reach for the stars?

Sometimes one gets a sinking feeling. Here we are on the cusp of so very many things in science, from finding other Earths, to understanding the extraordinary organisms right under our noses, and even detecting the fundamental particles that help build all that we see. We are also in the midst of an incredible flourishing [...]

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President Obama Awards National Medals of Science and Technology at the White House

“You have improved our lives in ways that are practical and inspirational,” said President Barack Obama. He saluted the top U.S. researchers with the highest honors bestowed by the U.S. government, the National Science and Technology Medals. At the White House ceremony on February 1, he honored 12 winners for the National Medals of Science [...]

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Funding for Big Astronomy Ventures Could Hurt Smaller Projects

ANCHORAGE—Much of the hand-wringing about budget cuts to astronomy in recent years has centered on the big, costly space missions and telescope projects that have been diminished, delayed or canceled. But the newest round of bad news may hit closer to home for many astronomers. Jim Ulvestad, who directs the National Science Foundation’s Division of [...]

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