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Climate Preparedness Index Reveals Rich–Poor Gap

Alpaca (Wikimedia)

High in the Peruvian Andes 8,000 alpacas died during a particularly harsh period of cold in the summer of 2004. For the herders who raise and shear these long-haired beasts for a living, it was a huge loss amounting to one fifth of all the alpacas living in that region of the highlands. Since then [...]

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4G networks open for business (sort of) in Norway and Sweden

4G, Helsinki, TeliaSonera

Fourth-generation (4G) broadband wireless networks are a few years away from widespread use, but the technology (designed to be 10 times faster than anything available today) got a big boost Monday when Nordic telecommunications operator TeliaSonera opened up the first commercial 4G network. The networks—available only in Oslo, Norway, and Stockholm, Sweden, at this time—are [...]

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