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Is Football to Blame for Players’ Suicides?

Nedra McClyde and Ron Canada in Headstrong at the Ensemble Studio Theatre

High-profile suicides of professional football players have mounted in the past several years—Terry Long (2005), Andre Waters (2006), Dave Duerson (2011) and Ray Easterling (2012) all killed themselves following retirement and bouts with diagnoses likely related to the thousands of hits they fearlessly underwent as players. The conditions vary but have overlapping qualities: post-concussion syndrome, [...]

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Retired NFL players more likely than others to misuse prescription painkillers

Man holding white pills in his hand

The zenith of the professional football season arrives February 6, better known this year as Super Bowl Sunday. All the speed, power, finesse and glitz of the game as it is played at the highest level will be on display under the bright lights of Cowboys Stadium. But there is also a dark side to [...]

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