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Immigrant Moms Typically Have Lower Infant Mortality Rates Than U.S.-born Mothers

crying newborn

The likelihood that a baby born in the U.S. will die within its first year is less than a third of what it was 50 years ago. But among mothers who were, themselves, born in the U.S., infant mortality rates are some 40 percent higher than for U.S.-born babies of non-native mothers. Only Cuban and [...]

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A phone call from Mom reduces stress as well as a hug

mom phone voice stress hormone girl

A hug from Mom can help soothe a stressed child, but new research shows that just hearing her voice can initiate the same biochemical responses—even if the mother is speaking over the phone. The hormone oxytocin promotes bonding between mother and child and has long been associated with close physical contact (often through early-infant skin-to-skin [...]

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