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Image of the Week

A Mitey Claw


If the key to happiness is appreciating the little things in life, then take a moment to appreciate the claw of a microscopic mite only 600 µm long. It’s from a new species discovered in the soil of a chestnut plantation where they use their nubbles and knobs (technically known as palettes) to “swim” through [...]

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Movies Made inside a Living Cell [Video]

A new microscope can show chromosomes moving within a cell or tiny changes in a growing embryo.

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Ability to See Single Molecules Gets Chemistry Nobel

proteins in a cell

Stefan W. Hell, Eric Betzig, and William Moerner share the prize for developing new ways to see inside a cell.

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IBM Movie Does Claymation–in Atomic Scale [Video]


What is the “final frontier”? Star Trek fans will tell you it’s space. Filmmaker/aquanaut James Cameron will tell you it’s the ocean’s depths. IBM, however, is thinking much smaller. The company’s research division on Wednesday released a stop-motion movie whose main character is a stick figure only a few atoms in size. “A Boy and [...]

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Cell Phone Cameras Capture Microscopic Images to Diagnose Malaria and other Diseases


Smart phone apps can help you check your vision, keep tabs on your blood-glucose levels and track your blood pressure. Earlier this year the U.S. Food and Drug Administration even approved an app that allows doctors to view scans on an iPhone or iPad to help them make diagnoses on the go. But fancy apps [...]

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