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Why Friction Is a Drag: New Findings

Laboratory experiment to measure friction on atomic scale

Friction is both the boon and the bane of our everyday lives. It’s the force that drags against your car’s tires, making you use more gas to keep going. It’s also the force that allows your car to stop at all: Without friction, brakes would be dead weight. Although most of us take friction for [...]

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Heal thyself: Rubbery polymer self-repairs under light exposure

Optically healed polymer

What if mending a ripped garment, or repairing a leaky storage container, was as easy as shining a light on the damage? We’re not there yet, but such materials could be possible in the future—researchers have now demonstrated a new way to produce light-healed polymers. In the April 21 issue of Nature, a group from [...]

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