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Breaking Brick Stereotypes: LEGO Unveils a Female Scientist


It’s 11:47 am on the Sunday before Labor Day, and I’m staking out a LEGO store inside a Byzantine shopping mall on the outskirts of Boston. I am here with a coterie of children and parents, the lot of us waiting impatiently while three LEGO associates in black shirts and khakis make their last-minute preparations [...]

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Zero Evidence That LEGO Toys Harm Your Kids

Credit: Arielle Duhaime-Ross

LEGO toys have never been so controversial, or angry for that matter, but that should not stop your kids from playing with them. There has been a lot of noise over a study, released June 4, that looked into the evolution of the facial expressions printed on LEGO minifigures—those one and half-inch toy figurines that [...]

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Watch the Most Amazing Lego Contraption Ever [Video]

Two years ago we featured an incredible video of the Antikythera Mechanism—an ancient Greek computing device found in a shipwreck in 1901—made entirely out of Legos. The Antikythera Mechanism calculated the positions of astronomical bodies with extraordinary precision. This machine, by contrast, moves little plastic balls around for no particular reason. But, my goodness:   [...]

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