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Paradoxical Polyuria–when it comes to kidneys, sometimes more is less

Sometimes the diagnosis of kidney failure particularly shocks patients and their loved ones. "But, doctor," they ask, "how can that be? I still pee!" Many patients with kidney failure make urine, and in some forms of kidney disorders, urine output may be increased (what doctors call polyuria). This outcome makes sense once you know a [...]

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Transplantable Blood Vessels Woven from Lab-Grown Human Tissue

woven blood vessel

More than 382,000 people with kidney disease in the U.S. are on dialysis, a painful procedure that can wreak havoc on blood vessels due to constant jabs from large needles. During dialysis, a patient’s blood is filtered out of their body and through a machine that performs the work normally done by the kidneys. Patients [...]

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Listening to the heart: Heartbeat may reveal information on kidney health

Researchers have recently found a new reason for doctors to listen to the heart: Certain heart rhythms may provide critical information about the health of our kidneys. Daniel Brotman, professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University, and colleagues analyzed data from 13,241 individuals enrolled in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study. The researchers found [...]

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