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What Galileo and Scientific American have in common: Honored Italian heritage

Galileo IYA Mariette DiChristina

In the year of Galileo, it is only fitting that the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York would structure its annual celebration of Italian heritage in part around the famed Italian astronomer. The organization’s Italian Heritage and Culture Month this year recognized the International Year of Astronomy, commemorating Galileo’s revolutionary leap 400 years [...]

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17th-century Brueghel paintings trace the early, mysterious history of the telescope

Brueghel painting with telescope

Thanks to the much-heralded International Year of Astronomy, this much we know: Galileo used a telescope to observe the moon in 1609. But the inventor of the revolutionary resolutionary device remains unknown, and its early history is muddied by simultaneous discoveries and competing claims. In a paper posted to the online repository in August, [...]

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