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I Was a Teenage Element Hoarder

I knew I wasn’t like the other kids. Oh sure, I collected baseball cards and model airplanes, but not with the passion that I saved for my real obsession—collecting each and every element of the periodic table. This was just part of my chemical romance, which also involved (but was not limited to): watching phenolphthalein [...]

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Could cops track where robbers have been with their hair?


Your hair contains a record of everywhere you’ve been. That’s because your body uses the hydrogen and oxygen from water (and other beverages and foods) to make proteins—like the keratin in your hair. Because the ratio of the exact isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen varies depending on location—for instance, Denver’s isotopic signature in liquids is [...]

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Volcanoes killed with global warming, 200 million years ago


When Pangaea finally broke up, some 200 million years ago, the result was a lot of heat. Specifically, volcanism, as enormous flows of basalt burst to the surface, ultimately covering more than nine million square kilometers. It wasn’t just the death of a supercontinent; it was also one of Earth’s five major extinction events—and the [...]

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