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The Best Bracket Big Data Can Build

Credit: Rowan McNaught,

March Madness isn’t over, but one thing is certain: no one is going to win “Buffet’s Billion.” Before even half of the NCAA college men’s basketball tournament games had finished, every bracket entered into Yahoo’s contest to win a billion dollars had at least one red strikethrough. And while some may blame upsets like No. [...]

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CES 2012: Intel to Power Smart Phones, Create Ultrabook-Tablet Hybrid Devices

LAS VEGAS—Intel played a pivotal role in making PCs ubiquitous by developing a standard architecture on which Microsoft Windows, Web browsers and other popular software could operate. Company CEO Paul Otellini announced Tuesday during his keynote at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here Intel’s intention to work similar magic in smart phones, many of [...]

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