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Anthropology in Practice

Modern Lessons From a Lost Language

he back side of the Magdalena document shows  translations for numbers from Spanish to a lost language.  Photo by Jeffrey Quilter

Note: This article originally appeared on AiP on December 13, 2010. It won a Research Blogging Award. It’s hard to imagine that knowledge could be lost today. Technology seems to have put the ability to know almost everything within our grasp. So when researchers announce they “found” a previously unknown Peruvian language, it’s a pretty tantalizing [...]

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Incas Intoxicated Sacrificial Children in Preparation for Death

Inca maiden

She was killed at the age of 13 and placed in a mountaintop shrine in the Argentine high Andes–a sacrifice to the gods. There she lay for some 500 years until 1999, when archaeologists recovered her frozen body along with those of two other separately entombed children, a boy and a girl both between four [...]

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