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Surgery for Extreme Obesity Produces Long-Term, Dramatic Weight Loss and Diabetes Remission

gastric bypass surgery for obese weight loss lowers diabetes

NEW YORK CITY—More than 30 million of the Americans classified as obese or extremely obese might benefit from surgery that reconstructs the stomach to accommodate less food. A new study shows that gastric bypass surgery, which leads to weight loss and improvement of related health problems, may yield long-term health benefits. Earlier research had shown [...]

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Heart disease treatment costs set to triple to $818 billion annually by 2030

blood pressure screening

More than one in three people in the U.S. currently have some form of heart disease, and it remains the leading cause of death in the country. Treating all of our coronary heart disease, heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke and other conditions last year cost about $272.5 billion. In 20 years, that price tag [...]

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