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Spiders sniff out humans

This is a jumping spider, and it is unusual in more ways than just its looks. The jumping spider, Evarcha culicivora, or the `vampire spider' is the only animal which chooses its prey based on what the latter has just eaten: it attacks mosquitoes that have recently sucked blood, rather than other types of food.1 [...]

July 16, 2011 — Felicity Muth
A Modest Mussel Is Making Waves

A Modest Mussel Is Making Waves

Image: A mussel shell engraved by Homo erectus between 540,000 and 430,000 years ago Credit: Wim Lustenhouwer, VU University Amsterdam Source: Kate Wong’s World’s Oldest Engraving Upends Theory of Homo sapiens Uniqueness on Observations These scratches may not look like much but they predate the existence of our species, Homo sapiens, and upend any claim [...]

December 10, 2014 — Kalliopi Monoyios
The Most Fascinating Human Evolution Discoveries of 2013

The Most Fascinating Human Evolution Discoveries of 2013

Wow. Ive just spent the last couple days going through the paleoanthropology news that broke in 2013 and I must say it was a banner year. There were so many exciting new findings that bear on scientists understanding of just about every chapter of humanitys seven-million-year sagafrom our ancestors first upright steps to the peopling [...]

January 1, 2014 — Kate Wong

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