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Hackers Use Open Hardware to Solve Environmental Problems


Autonomous mini-sailboat drones ply the ocean and mop up oil spills, gather information on marine life in crisis and clean up floating plastic trash. That’s the vision of Protei, a collective of technology students from around the globe who have been designing a fleet of these craft as “open” hardware—or electronic gadgets assembled from scratch [...]

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How do we solve energy poverty?

Each year, human civilization consumes some 14 terawatts of power, mostly provided by burning the fossilized sunshine known as coal, oil and natural gas. That’s 2,000 watts for every man, woman and child on the planet. Of course, power isn’t exactly distributed that way. In fact, roughly two billion people lack reliable access to modern [...]

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Can greener gadgets save us from e-waste?


One laptop per child seems a simple slogan, chock full of benefit. What could go wrong when you put the power of the Internet and solar cells into the hands of children in the developing world? After all, not only does it train the global underclass in the tools of modern production, it also unleashes [...]

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